This year, we have had the privilege of distributing $9,923,036 through various programs and for a wide range of projects.

One of the most significant types of funding made available in 2020-21 was $3.15 million which was made up by way of donations and grants. This included ClubGRANTS funding..

Despite an incredibly challenging two years for the Club and hospitality industry, this year Mounties Group has pledged more than $650,000 to local community groups via its most recent Category 1 ClubGRANTS, almost doubling its 2020 contributions at the same time last year.

With a commitment to support the local community, Mounties Group has donated $651,715 to 50 worthy projects, including those that support youth, families, seniors, children, and vulnerable members of our community within the Liverpool, Fairfield, and Northern Beaches communities.

Additionally, for the first time, Mounties Group’s contributions are also set to benefit the Central Coast Community after their successful amalgamations with two Central Coast Clubs earlier in the year. Grants are funded from Mounties Groups clubs including Mounties, Triglav, Mekong, Harbord Diggers, Halekulani Bowling Club, and Club Wyong.

In total this past financial year, Mounties Group donated an astronomical record of almost $10million to various local community support initiatives, further proving that Mounties Group operates to improve the lives of its members and their local communities.


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