Harbord Diggers Embraces Kombucha Craze with New Alcoholic Beverage on Top

22 Feb 2019

Harbord Diggers has embraced its inner-hipster, adding a super-trendy alcoholic kombucha to its bar menu.

The Diggers’ friendly staff poured the first rounds of Halo – a special 4 percent proof brew – from a newly installed tap at the main bar today.

Halo is an adult-version of kombucha, fermented for longer than the gut-loving brews that have taken Sydney by storm over the last 12 months.

The health benefits of kombucha are numerous. The fermentation process creates a sparkling beverage full of probiotics, which are crucial to good gut health and mood. Natural fruit extracts can be added to enhance taste, but with negligible impact on sugar and calorie levels.

Halo berry alcoholic kombucha, now available on tap at the Diggers, has less than 1 gram of sugar and 75 calories per 300 ml serve.

“We’re always keeping an eye on the latest consumer habits in the beverage industry,” said Harbord Diggers General Manager, Michael Phillips.

“There’s no doubt the appetite for kombucha has skyrocketed, possibly because modern consumers are more conscious of their health.

“With more and more members and guests choosing organic and on-trend options we felt this was a great opportunity to keep up with wider demand. “Poured over ice with a wedge of lime and garnish, the new Halo berry kombucha at Harbord Diggers is an incredibly refreshing drink – perfect all year round,” said Mr Phillips.

Halo is brewed by New Wave Brewing Co (NWBCO), a new-age collective of beverage specialists. NWBCO representative Nick Detmold said the partnership with Harbord Diggers represented the next step in the kombucha evolution.

“Kombucha has passed the popularity test with flying colours because you can now buy it in supermarkets, service stations and convenience stores,” said Mr Detmold.

“The fact that such a high profile and renowned venue has included Halo on its bar menu is not only a testament to the kombucha boom, but also an endorsement of Diggers’ forward-thinking approach to hospitality,” he added.

The new Halo berry alcoholic kombucha is available on tap at the Harbord Diggers main bar daily from 11am. For more information on Harbord Diggers, visit harborddiggers.com.au or phone 9938 1444.

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