Harbord Diggers invites locals to suggest a name for rooftop venue

26 Feb 2016

With Harbord Diggers recently commencing works on its temporary club space, the iconic Freshwater establishment is inviting local community members to join in on the process by suggesting a name for its temporary rooftop dining area, opening in March 2016.

As part of the Say My Name Facebook competition, participants can submit their name suggestion for the temporary club's rooftop restaurant for the chance to win a party for them and three friends to use when the dining venue opens.

The temporary dining space will be located in the south east corner of the existing Harbord Diggers building and will have a rustic, contemporary beach theme.

The rooftop restaurant is set to offer locals a fine dining experience at affordable meal prices and diners will be able to eat indoors or on the alfresco deck, where they will be able to enjoy spectacular views of Freshwater and Curl Curl beaches.

Dale Hunt, General Manager of Harbord Diggers, says that the Say My Name competition is an opportunity for the community to be a part of the club's journey to become the new Harbord Diggers.

"This is a very exciting time for Harbord Diggers and we want our members and guests to remain a part of our story as we continue to build our legacy," said Dale.

"This competition is an opportunity for people to get involved as we work on our temporary club venue, so we encourage you all to jump on our Facebook page and submit a name suggestion entry today!

"We also want to take an opportunity to remind everyone that despite the exciting changes taking place, many of our ongoing events, activities and member specials are still all running as normal, so you can continue to enjoy the Diggers over the holiday season," added Dale.

Two competition winners will be announced on Friday 15 January, with a people’s choice winner to be determined via the highest number of votes and a judge's choice winner to be selected by Harbord Diggers. 

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