Harbord Diggers Keeping Freshwater Beach Clean

16 Mar 2018

Harbord Diggers invited members of the local community to join them this morning at Freshwater Beach in a group effort to clean the beach and waterways.

The event, which was a Diggers Deeds initiative, aimed to empower staff and the community to give back and together do their bit to preserve the area that Harbord Diggers calls home.

Harbord Diggers staff and local volunteers met at Freshwater Beach at 9:30am and combed the sand and outskirt areas to find and dispose of any litter from beachgoers and debris washed up by the ocean.

Harbord Diggers General Manager Dale Hunt expressed the importance of keeping our beaches clean and the impact it can have on our environment.

“With an estimated seven billion tonnes of debris entering the world's oceans annually, most of it long-lasting plastic, there's a lot of potential for rubbish to harm our birds and marine life. I don’t believe Northern Beaches’ locals want to see rubbish or plastic on our beloved Freshwater Beach when they head to the shores to dip their toes into the ocean,” said Dale.

“If we don’t focus on conservation, we may lose the privilege of an enjoyable sunset stroll or having a swim on a beautiful day at Freshie.

“This Diggers Deed aims to start a dialogue between community members about our environment, where we encourage others to be conscious of our actions and try to be mindful of ways to be more sustainable in our daily lives.

“As a team, we collected a substantial amount of rubbish today which included glass and plastic bottles, cans, plastic and other debris largely found on the outskirts of the sanded area,” he continued.

Harbord Diggers staff and community members cleaned the beach for two hours, starting at Freshwater Surf Life Saving Club and then working up and down the stretch of the entire beach.

“I’d like to thank our dedicated staff and representatives from the Manly Marlins who came and helped today. Your hard work and dedication reflect our values at Harbord Diggers.

“While this was a one-off event, we want to encourage our staff and the community to be mindful next time they visit any beach and pick up any rubbish they see.

“By working together as a community in this way, we will be able to preserve our beloved Freshwater Beach so that future generations can enjoy it just the way we know and love it today,” concluded Dale.

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