Harbord Diggers Recognised as 'Ocean Friendly' Venue

25 Jun 2019

Harbord Diggers is proud to announce that it’s the first registered club in Australia, and indeed one of the biggest venues on the Northern Beaches, to be recognised by the Surfrider Foundation as an accredited ‘Ocean Friendly’ venue.

The Diggers has been focused on sustainable, eco-friendly practices across the venue since opening the redevelopment club in June last year, and are thrilled to have been judged to have met the essential criteria in order to receive this accolade.

The Surfrider Foundation aims to build awareness for our oceans, waves and beaches through conservation, activism, research and education, and created their ‘Ocean Friendly’ program to help stop excessive amounts of plastic from entering our waterways.

That program requires businesses to adhere to six mandatory measures - no single use plastic straws, no water sold in plastic bottles, eco-friendly tableware, no single use plastic bags, proper recycling practices and no expanded polystyrene foam packaging – to receive the accreditation.

Harbord Diggers not only meet those measures, but also observe a number of the non-compulsory practices including discounts for reusable cups, energy efficient LED lighting, water conservation efforts and sustainable vegetarian and seafood menu options.

“This is something we’ve been working towards for quite some time – it’s a certification that’s fantastic for our club and for the environment,” said Harbord Diggers General Manager Michael Phillips.

“It’s so important to recognise the importance of being environmentally conscious in the decisions that we make as a community so that future generations can enjoy our magnificent coastlines just as we have.

“By making the venue eco-friendlier and meeting the Surfrider Foundation’s criteria we’re reducing our carbon footprint and helping to make a difference for our planet.”

The fruit of its sustainable practices is already producing tangible results – in just over 12 months half a million fewer plastic straws have been distributed at the venue than would have been under a normal regimen.

That number was acknowledged when Harbord Diggers celebrated International Surfing Day last week, with a beach clean yielding one lone single-use plastic straw across the entirety of Freshwater beach.

“Our beach clean really drove home the fact that what we are doing is making a big difference to our local environment,” Mr Phillips said.

“I can only hope that our efforts make everyone think twice about the products and services they use each day, and the impact it may have now and in the future for generations to come,” he concluded.

For more information phone 9938 1444 or visit the website at harborddiggers.com.au.

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