Harbord Diggers Sustainability Initiatives

18 Mar 2020

Taking inspiration and shape from the scenic coastline of the Northern Beaches, the new Harbord Diggers is giving back to the place it calls home by putting sustainable and ecofriendly solutions into place as part of the clubs' holistic plan.

In an ongoing effort to keep Freshwater's marine and surrounding environment pollutant free, the Diggers are decreasing their level of plastic waste and increasing recycling by introducing a keep-cup initiative and partnering with Simply Cups Australias' first coffee cup recycling program.

The Diggers' DD Collective Cafe is spearheading this initiative, encouraging guests and members to recycle their used takeaway cups at the club and other participating locations to help reduce waste, and offering a 10% discount to those who use keep-cups at the cafe.

With over one-hundred million marine animals dying due to plastic waste per year, additional efforts have been made by the Diggers to decrease plastic waste by banning single-use plastic straws across the entire club, replacing them with a paper alternative.

Part of the Diggers' redevelopment involved a number of sustainable solutions for the future, including the relocation of trees during development which can now be seen in Palm Gully, and the installation of charging bays for electrical cars. Since launching the new Diggers the venue has also eliminated all single use plastic providing reusable bags and removing all plastic straws.

Michael Phillips, General Manager of Harbord Diggers said, "Harbord Diggers is proud to stand on the beautiful Freshwater peninsula. These sustainable solutions have been put in place so that the community and future generations can enjoy calling this place home well into the future.

"Our aim was always to use our resources to make a change for the better and to get the community on board, so we can work together to make Freshwater environmentally friendly.

"Our promotion of reusable bags and the use of keep-cups in our facilities has helped to reduce our role in harming the environment and demonstrated that it's the small changes that can make a big difference.

"Venues such as ours which cater to a wide audience, play a very important role in taking the first step toward protecting the environment, which is why we are active about spearheading these initiatives in our community.

"We are pleased to have received such great support from our community thus far and we hope it continues into the future," said Mr Phillips.

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