The Changing Face of Harbord Diggers Launches this April

15 Mar 2016

Harbord Diggers' has announced that its temporary club venue will launch late April, promising a new standard of excellence in dining and entertainment on the Northern Beaches.

Operating for only a limited time as Mounties Group builds the future Harbord Diggers, the temporary club is a fresh, new venue that will give members and guests a taste of things to come.

Included in the temporary club mix are two top-shelf dining establishments, a local providores and a pop-up '50s themed diner, all of which aim to establish the Club as a favourite amongst local foodies.

A major drawcard of the temporary club will be the new rooftop dining venue, Gio, a modern Italian restaurant run by three hat Verde restauranteur Antonio Ruggerino.

"Boasting breathtaking panoramic views of Freshwater Beach and beyond, Gio will offer a complete sensory dining experience," said Dale Hunt, General Manager of Harbord Diggers.

"The high-end bistro style restaurant will cater to couples, families and members alike. With a wine list to match a fabulous Southern Italian menu and rooftop ocean views, Gio is sure to become one of the most popular locations for dinner in the Northern Beaches and beyond," added Mr Hunt.

For a more casual dining experience, the new Dig Inn Café & Bar will offer both outdoor and indoor dining options and serve a range of contemporary Australian dishes to complement the relaxed Northern Beaches lifestyle.

A much anticipated new edition to the temporary club is the Diggers Local Providores, which will sell a selection of locally sourced, quality products.

"The Diggers Local Providores will bring the ingredients of Gio and Dig Inn to your shopping basket, giving members and guests an opportunity to recreate their favourite dishes with only the finest of ingredients," said Mr Hunt.

A final treat for members and guests is the new pop-up Diggers Diner – a 1950's style van serving simple, eat with your hands fare, fresh juices, coffees and snacks.

"The Diggers Diner will specialise in delicious hot dogs and represents street food at its finest. Pet-friendly and convenient, we’re sure that it will prove a favourite amongst beach goers and local walkers alike," added Mr Hunt.

Mr Hunt said that these exciting new changes come as a result of ongoing consultation with members and the greater Northern Beaches community.

"We have listened to what our members and guests want and we are working to deliver this, first with our temporary club venue and then with the new Harbord Diggers intergenerational precinct.

"With a focus on creating memorable dining experiences using fresh, local ingredients, our aim is for Harbord Diggers to become a must-visit destination for food lovers all over Sydney," he added.

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