Three Hatted Restaurantuer Launches Gio at the Diggers

28 Apr 2016

Recognised as one of Australia's top ten up and coming chefs, Antonio Ruggerino has arrived at Harbord Diggers and is bringing his knowledge, passion and the flavours of Southern Italy as the Owner and Head Chef of Gio, the temporary club’s new rooftop dining venue that is now open to the public.

The three hat Verde restauranteur is widely praised for his intelligent fusion of traditional and contemporary ingredients and will help establish Harbord Diggers as one of the best dining establishments on the Northern Beaches and beyond.  

Boasting breathtaking panoramic views of Freshwater Beach and beyond, Gio offers a complete sensory dining experience.

“To me, food is more than a passion – it's a philosophy of life. It represents laughter, celebration and joy and this is the philosophy that I hope to bring to Gio,” said Antonio, whose spirit of generosity has set him apart from other chefs.

Growing up cooking with his Italian parents and starting out as a professional chef at the age of 16, Ruggerino attributes his skills to more than just his formal training. “I’ve learnt the ways of the Italian cuisine through looking, tasting, experiencing and travelling.”

“Family has always played an important role in my cooking, with many of my dishes inspired by the recipes that have been passed down to me through generations.

“Gio represents both my parent’s nicknames, who were instrumental in my passion for cooking. I am proud to carry out their enthusiasm for authentic Italian cuisine through this restaurant,” he added.     

Operating for only a limited time as Mounties Group builds the future Harbord Diggers, the temporary club is a fresh, new venue which will give members and guests a taste of things to come.

In addition to the major drawcard of Gio, the temporary club now boasts a local providores shop, a casual eatery and a pop-up 50s themed diner.

Dale Hunt, General Manager of Harbord Diggers, said that Gio will change the game in the local dining scene. “With a wine list to match a fabulous Southern Italian menu and rooftop ocean views, Gio will quickly become a popular dining destination.

“More importantly, locals will have an opportunity to experience quality dining from a top chef at affordable prices, making Gio a perfect destination for families, couples and friends to meet and share in their love of food,” he added.

Gio is now open at Harbord Diggers. Visit for more information on Gio and the new temporary club venue or phone 9938 7688.

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