Mekong awards $10,000 scholarships to two deserving local university students

18 Mar 2020

Mekong, an important community club within the Mounties Group, announced the winners of the annual Mekong Mounties University Scholarship on Saturday, 4 February. The two recipients of $10,000 university scholarships were local Fairfield and Cabramatta students, Linh Thuy Nguyen and Vivian Nguyen.

Now in its second year, the Mekong Mounties University Scholarship endeavours to assist and encourage two students from low socio-economic and disadvantaged backgrounds to reduce financial burdens as they continue to pursue their educational goals.

Mounties Group President, Kevin Ingram, said, “We are proud to be supporting our young community members achieve their career and life aspirations with the Mekong Mounties University Scholarship Program. We initially ran the competition with one winner in mind, however after receiving an overwhelming number of applications, we chose two outstanding candidates.”

Grant recipients Linh Thuy Nguyen and Vivian Nguyen will each be receiving $10,000 towards their full-time undergraduate studies this year at the University of New South Wales.

Vivian Nguyen of Sydney Girls High School will be undertaking a double degree in Law and Commerce and Prairiewood High School student Linh Thuy Nguyen will be undertaking a degree in Medical Studies.

Vivian Nguyen said, “I think the Mekong Mounties University Scholarship Program is a fantastic initiative, and is supportive of the Vietnamese community. I believe it is an incredibly generous award that I am very privileged to have received, and something I will continue to look back on as I try to give back to the Vietnamese community to the best of my abilities and make my parents proud.”

“I would encourage others to apply for the scholarship. I believe it’s important for young people to have the opportunity to pursue the highest level of education possible in order to realise their fullest potential and that financial hardship especially should not hinder their ability to do so,” added Vivian Nguyen.
Linh Thuy Nguyen said, “I feel like the program aims to foster values of kindness and generosity in young people. The fact that I have received this grant now means that I am equipped with the financial means to pursue further education in the hope that I can one day give back to others.”

The Mekong Mounties University Scholarship Program is awarded on the basis of:

- Academic merit (minimum ATAR of 90 achieved in the HSC)

- Achievement in other areas such as community

- Low family income / financial hardship

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