Mounties Group Launches New Service To Support Lives Of Members

29 Sep 2020

After conducting thousands of welfare calls to members during the COVID-19 closure, Mounties Group is launching a new service, Mounties Care, that seeks to support the health, wellbeing, independence and quality of life of its members.

Partnering with Vitalis, a leading provider of integrated clinical and homecare services, Mounties Care will provide a range of healthcare solutions for members and will have registered nurses, doctors and care professionals on hand to support their needs. Services will include wellbeing presentations, assistance with care navigation and home care services, allied health support, hospital in the home and chemo in the home.

Across our team we made more than 3,000 welfare calls to our membership over the April to June period, particularly to those identified to be vulnerable during this time,� explained Group Chief Executive Officer, Dale Hunt.

"After the launch of our Coronavirus helpline and from listening to the interim outcomes of the Aged Care Royal Commission, the feedback was that people would greatly value an ongoing support service that assists them with general health support services.

"The Mounties ethos was built upon the hard work of men and women who believed that social connection was important, and helping others made the community stronger. Today, Mounties Group remains steadfast in its mission to have a positive impact on the lives of its members for years to come, and so we are pleased to be launching Mounties Care", added Dale.

In addition, Mounties Care will offer a dedicated Members Concierge service that provides free telephone access to a team of highly practiced nurses, specialising in telehealth including triage, assessment, advisory and management of patient anxiety.

This service offers members support for health care advice, Coronavirus information, chronic disease management, medication review and mental health assistance. The nurses will continue making welfare calls to our members, checking in on their current wellbeing ad on-going needs.

As the Club has aged, so too has the average age of our members and most likely, their healthcare needs. Mounties Care will be there to support our members today and into tomorrow. It's as simple as that", added Dale.

"Together with Vitalis we aim to provide and form a trusted network of service providers who will meet our strict accreditation and quality control standards, but also share our corporate values of family, honesty, caring and innovation through this new service", he concluded.

Mounties Care is available to all Mounties Group members. For more information phone (02) 9165 0838 or visit

All medical services are accredited by the Australian Council on Healthcare Standards (ACHS).

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