Mounties Group Saves Much Loved Central Coast Events

16 Nov 2021


The future of three local community events has been secured thanks to a generous sponsorship arrangement between Central Coast Council and Mounties Group.

Mounties Group, who operates Club Wyong and Halekulani Bowling Club, has generously come forward as a major sponsor of multicultural event, Flavours by the Sea, Wyong Town Centre's Love Lanes Festival and summer favourite, The Lakes Festival.

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic and lack of event funding, these much-loved community events have been cancelled or postponed for the last two years. Now, Mounties Group is delighted to bring back these events on the local calendar securing them for the next three years.

"Since amalgamating with Club Wyong and Halekulani Bowling Club, our team has been looking at ways to support our members and the local community and these three popular events stay true to our ethos of giving back," explained Mounties Group Chief Executive, Dale Hunt.

"As we continue to open after lockdown, community events now become a wonderful way to celebrate together and allow us to look ahead to focus on supporting those who have had it particularly tough during the pandemic.

"These three local events all showcase local entertainers, artists and small business which is why we have chosen to become the major sponsor," added Mr Hunt.

Since July 2018, Central Coast Council events have attracted an enormous 250,000 attendees and delivered economic value of more than $36.2 million, which shows the importance of such events and is the perfect way for Mounties Group to give back to the Coast and entice others to visit.

"Despite a tumultuous time for us following our venues being closed due to the lockdowns, like most others, we knew we had to look ahead and ignite the Central Coast by securing the future of these Festivals," he added.

"We see this three-year sponsorship as was one of the best ways Mounties Group could give back to the Central Coast community while also encouraging tourism to the area," concluded Mr Hunt.

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