Mounties RLFC kicks off 2017 season with a year-round commitment to asking R U OK?

18 Mar 2020

This year, Mounties Rugby League Football Club has made a commitment to enforce a lifesaving message from suicide prevention campaign, R U OK? into every game played in the Intrust Super Premiership Season.

Mounties opened their 2017 season over the weekend with the R U OK? message emblazoned onto every jersey that took to the field as a visual reminder of a simple question that could change a life.

Experienced Mounties veteran, Glen Buttriss, knows the importance of this message and commented, “I think it’s important to encourage people to get comfortable talking. By asking someone ‘are you ok?’ you can help family members, mates and teammates open up about any problems they might be having.”

“If they are ok, they will know you’re someone that cares enough to ask and they’ll remember this for future assistance. You don’t need to be an expert, just ask the question and be a good listener,” added Mr Buttriss.

R U OK? CEO Brendan Maher said he was excited to hear that Mounties had made a commitment to wear R U OK? on their jerseys this year.

“We are thrilled Mounties have decided to get this important reminder out to their team and to the many thousands of people who will be watching their games this year. 75 per cent of suicides in Australia are men and at no other time has the importance of checking in with anyone struggling, been more important,” Mr. Maher said.

Kevin Ingram, Mounties Group President said, “At Mounties, we like to think of ourselves as family who support each other. It is this bond that keeps our players, staff, partners and supporters together through the good times and bad. This inspiring initiative aims to provide a positive message that offers assistance to everyone both on and off the field.”

Head Coach Steve Antonelli said, “There is more to life than a game of football. At Mounties we encourage a work-life balance and we ask all of our players and staff to keep an open communication line between them and the club”.

“By having this open communication everyone can be relaxed and honest in their conversations and we can work together to resolve any issues. No one stands alone, we are all here together to make sure you are ok,” Mr. Antonelli added.

R U OK? regularly encourages us to check in and ask the question of friends, family and acquaintances.

This year, R U OK? Day will be held on Thursday, 14 September. Join the challenge at and help start one million conversations with these four simple letters, R U OK?

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