Thu Ngo Wants To Inspire Others in Bodybuilding Pursuit

18 Mar 2020

No cheat meals. Not one. Cabramatta resident Thu Ngo didn't allow herself to do it. It's the price you pay when you are aiming for the almost unrealistic goal of taking the stage in a bodybuilding competition only 13-months after giving birth.

"When I was pregnant, I thought to myself after I gave birth I want to get back into shape. I set myself a goal that I wanted to compete and that gave me a focus," she said.

"It's very hard - your preparation can go on for about 20 weeks, but I wanted to achieve my goals. I trained for five days a week on a split program, and ate healthy, pre-prepared meals which I found was very important.

"There were no cheat meals otherwise it would turn into a cheat day and I could't enjoy my ice cream anyway."

Inspired by her daughter Alana, the mother-of-two overcome nerves to reach her goal and compete in the Open Figure category at the recent IFBB Pro League Australia NSW Championships. While she didn't place, the Mounties Ignite Health and Fitness personal trainer felt like a winner. She also wants to inspire others to achieve their own health goals.

"In the Asian community when women can't get back into shape that blame it on having kids and not having enough time. What experiences like this make you realise is that commitment, dedication and a positive mind frame can have such a strong impact on how you tackle obstacles in your life," she said.

As for her first cheat meal after her competition? "A burger. One and half burgers," she said.

Three fellow Mounties employees EK Khammountry, Jayden Debrincat and Vlad Tyshkovsky have also recently competed in statewide bodybuilding competitions.

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