Father & Child Soccer Training Sessions with Mounties Group

19 Jun 2018

Earlier this month, Mounties Group held three soccer training sessions to encourage bonding between children and their fathers in the local community.

Fifty children from Good Shepard Catholic Primary School, Hoxton Park and their dads, attended the fun-packed sessions which were held across two nights, with the help of coaching staff and players from the Mounties Wanderers FC.

Another session was attended by 52 children from Holy Spirit Primary School, Carnes Hill and their fathers.

The soccer training sessions are a great opportunity to raise awareness in gthe community of how a child’s primary relationship with their father can affect their future relationships with family, friends and spouses, and sport is a positive way of encouraging children to develop healthy early patterns of interaction. During the hour-long training sessions, a 15-minute talk was also given about the value of healthy eating and exercise.

Across all sessions, Mounties Wanderers first grade players, including head coach Nefta Gonzales, were there to offer tips and tricks to the attendees and get in on the action.

Glen Ingle, Sports Administrator at Mounties Group, said it was another great night with the dads and kids: “It was great to see the young members of our community and their dads participating in activities which will help with their emotional development.”

“This is the second year that we have put on these sessions with the team and staff from Mounties Wanderers, and I know that they get kick out of encouraging positive family relationships, especially through soccer,” added Ingle.

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