Honour Australian troops this ANZAC Day at Mounties

20 Apr 2016

To commemorate ANZAC Day and pay respects to Australian soldiers, Mounties and Triglav will both hold memorial services on Monday, 25 April.

On ANZAC Day, Australians all around the country gather to support the fallen troops. This day goes beyond the anniversary of the landing at Gallipoli in 1915. It’s the day on which Australians who served in all wars, conflicts, and peacekeeping operations are remembered.

Members, guests and visitors are all welcome to join Mounties and Triglav in honouring the brave Australians who have fought for their country.

To celebrate the ANZAC spirit of courage, endurance and mateship, services will be held at Mounties and Triglav on Monday, 25 April. Both services will include a reading of the Ode, the Last Post call, the laying of the wreaths and one minute of silence as a sign of respect and time for reflection.

The first service will be held at 12pm (noon) at Mounties. Patrons are invited to attend the ceremony and share the experience of honouring the ANZACs. The service will open with a catafalque party who will mount at the opening of the ceremony to salute the fallen soldiers.

A second service will be held at 5pm at Triglav for members and guests who would prefer to attend at a later time.

The service held at Triglav will highlight the Slovenian culture, with both the Australian and Slovenian National Anthems being played on the day. Community members and local politicians will be in attendance at the service to pay their regards.

Kevin Ingram, Mounties Group President, said: “ANZAC Day is a time to come together as a nation and remember the many Australian soldiers who served for us and fought for our country.

“We encourage members, guests and visitors to join our services to commemorate the spirit of the ANZACs and salute our troops with national pride on this day,” Mr Ingram said.

ANZAC Day Service Details

Where: Mounties, 101 Meadows Road, Mount Pritchard NSW 2170

When: Monday, 25 April, 12pm (noon)

Where: Triglav, 80-84 Brisbane Road, St Johns Park NSW 2176

When: Monday, 25 April, 5pm

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