Mounties Honours Australians on the Western Front

18 Mar 2020

To commemorate the centenary of Australia's Western Front battles of 1916-18, Mounties is sponsoring a historical exhibition that showcases the involvement of Australian servicemen and women in Europe during World War One (WWI).
The exhibition will be on display in the Humphries Road foyer at Mounties from Thursday, 7 July to Saturday, 6 August. It is a great opportunity for members and guests to immerse themselves in Australian military history and learn about the impact of the Western Front battles.
The muddy trenches, devastating fighting, and the loss and suffering experienced by Australian soldiers are just one aspect of the Western Front Battles explored in the exhibition. In addition to depicting the harsh realities of war, the display will bring to life stories of mateship, courage and
resilience, which were defining characteristics of the Australian digger.
The exhibition features a collection of images and archival documents from The Australian War Memorial, which illustrates the experiences of Australian servicemen and women during WWI for visitors.
Kevin Ingram, Mounties Group President, said: “This is a great opportunity for members and guests to visit the club and gain an appreciation and understanding of what everyday Aussies endured for their country.
''We also encourage school groups to visit Mounties to learn about this important period in Australian history and what their ancestors did for their country,'' Mr Ingram said.
The exhibition will tour RSL and service clubs throughout NSW until 2018 to commemorate the centenary.

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