Chief Commercial Officer

First year of Membership: 2019

"In this time of tremendous change, companies need to move quickly but with thoughtful and consistent consideration of their primary objectives. At Mounties Group, we have never wavered from a dedication to delight members with relevant products. This commitment to the member has provided us with unique opportunities for strategic growth and will continue to inspire us moving forward."

A senior executive with experience in business development, Anneke
Lemmerman is motivated by the opportunity to tackle complex business challenges and deliver strategic solutions.

The growth of Mounties Group can be attributed to many strategic decisions
among them is the Club’s evaluation of member needs and opportunities to
further adapt and adjust its services, which is imperative to our future success.

In her current role, Anneke is redefining the company’s vision for long-term growth and assessing how Mounties can best deliver on its purpose of improving the lives of our members. This includes constant evaluation of external opportunities and strategic partnerships, as well as leading the growth of the Club’s fitness, health and leisure departments.

Anneke has over 10 years’ experience being part of the Mounties Group family starting in our People and Culture department and working her way to a senior executive level. In addition, Anneke has formal qualifications in human resources.

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