First year of Membership: 1964

"We were created with no political, cultural or other restrictions to be a place for all in our community to gather as one, be treated equally, enjoy each other’s company and celebrate our differences. It was on this premise that Mounties was formed - knowing that individually we could change little, but as a whole we could achieve amazing things for our community. When the Government or others had no resources to give us, we created and built our own destiny to a level where we are now helping others do the same"

From the very beginning Tom Murphy has been there. Since the idea to create Mounties back in the 1960s, he has been there for every step of the journey. As a Founding Member of Mounties Group, as well as a life member with decades of service, Tom has served the Club in many roles including President of our Indoor Bowls for the past 31 years.

It was Tom’s father that put up his own land as security for the Club to start and his involvement in ensuring that the original idea of a developing a hub for the entire community to enjoy, has been a driving force for Tom’s dedication to the Group for more than 50 years.

Serving the Club in many roles including catering, beverage, sports, entertainment and Club Captain, Tom has provided decades of membership and service.

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