Vice President

First-year of Membership: 1992

"Sport and Sub-clubs bring an equality where everyone from any race, creed or colour is equal and all are welcome. These clubs provide an escape from the daily grind where you can meet with like-minded people and enjoy shared enjoyment that as a result brings our community closer together and better for all."

A local business owner and local dad, Trevor Forman is passionate about the benefits that Mounties Group brings to its members and the wider community. His belief that every member should have a choice of activities in which to be involved is the cornerstone of Mounties philosophy of self-inclusion for our members of all ages. As a life member of Mounties Rugby League, his continuing service to sport for local people sees Trevor build relationships and friendships that have lasted generations and he believes that all people should have the same opportunity to make lifelong friends. His career in the building industry serves the Club through an understanding of building processes and his work serving for 28 years on sub-club sporting committees, gives him an appreciation of the volunteers involved.

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