Mounties Group
Annual General Meeting Notice 2022

View the Mounties Group Annual General Meeting Notice.


Learn more on the current status of potential Mounties Group Amalgamations.

Mounties Group
Board of Directors Election 2020

View the Board of Directors Election Timetable and full Notice.

Mounties Group Whistleblower Policy

Online Ordering User Agreement

Mounties Group now offers an Online, In-venue Ordering option at selected venues, where users can conveniently select and pay for food.

Modern Slavery Agreement

Mounties Group Constitution

Registered Clubs Act Notice

Under the Registered Clubs Act, all clubs are required by law to keep a register containing information that relates to the management and financial administration of the club.



Mounties Group is committed to our responsibilities concerning communitysupport, Responsible Service of Alcohol, Responsible Conduct of Gaming and Your Privacy.


Responsible Service of Alcohol

The Responsible Service of Alcohol is one of Mounties most important responsibilities. All of the Group's front of house staff has been trained in RSA, which aims to minimise negative social impact of alcohol consumption and ensure alcohol is enjoyed responsibly at Mounties.

Responsible Conduct of Gaming

Mounties Group is committed to the responsible service of gaming.

The club is instrumental in setting up BetSafe, an expert consultancy service to combat problem gambling. BetSafe provides areas of education and counselling that have proved invaluable in the process of harm minimisation on which the club has embarked.


Is gambling a problem for you? G-Line (NSW) is a confidential, anonymous and free counselling service. Free call 1800 238 7233.

Player Activity Statements

Members may obtain a player activity statement that shows their spending on gaming machines over a monthly period through the club kiosks.

Electronic Sign-in Kiosk & Privacy Information

Mounties Group operates an electronic sign-in system. The primary use of data collected to conform to the requirements of the Registered Clubs Act 1976. For more information on this system or on personal information collected, contact the Privacy Officer at Mounties Group on 9822 3508.


How is the legislation enforced?

Environmental Health Officers based in NSW Public Health Units are authorised as inspectors to enforce the legislation. Environmental Health Officers monitor compliance, investigate complaints and conduct inspections. Individuals have the responsibility to not smoke in smoke-free areas.

How do I report a possible breach?

Individuals are encouraged, in the first instance, to take up complaints about non-compliance with the legislation at a Mounties Group club directly with management at your Mounties Group club. Alternatively, individuals can contact their local Public Health Unit or the Tobacco and Health Information Line on (02) 9391 9111 or email to obtain more information or to make a complaint.

Competitions and promotions

Rules and conditions of competitions and promotions held at each Mounties Group club are available on request.

Your Privacy

Mounties Group is committed to providing you with the highest levels of customer service. This includes protecting your privacy and keeping you informed of our privacy policy.

Please be aware of mobile fraud and scams. Mounties Group never sends text messages (SMS) advising patrons that they have won money in a competition or asking for personal details. If you receive a message like this, please don't respond or click on any links. You can report instances of these fraudulent messages via or by speaking to the manager on duty.

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