Our mission is:

To create destinations of choice for people to trust and enjoy.



Mounties Group employs over 750 staff across ten registered clubs in South West Sydney, Northern Beaches and on the Central Coast, servicing more than 100,000 members and many more guests each year.

What underpins our mission is a recognised set of values. It is the objective of employees to live and breathe the notion of SPARK. Not only is the spark a core element of the Mounties Group branding, it’s the personality and standard to which our Members and guests can expect from Australia’s leading group of clubs.
















Mounties Group Winner of:

NSW Business Chamber Awards 2014

Finalist for Employer of Choice – South West region

NSW Business Chamber Awards 2012

Winner for Employer of Choice – South West region

Clubs NSW Award for Excellence 2012

Winner – Outstanding People Management

Our People

With seven registered clubs, Ignite Health & Fitness Centre and a number of resorts, Mounties Group relies on a large workforce that has a focus on our SPARK objectives: Service, Professionalism, Appearance, Respect and Knowledge.


As one of the largest employers in each of the local government areas where our clubs are located, Mounties Group works with local schools, TAFE institutes and support agencies to provide work experience, work placement and job trials for those looking for work or to return to work.


In 2016, more than $500,000 was committed to the training of Mounties Group Staff; a testament to the group’s investment in its people and culture.


Over 554 employees group wide

90 employees were recognised for a combined total of 845 years of service

120 new employees

39 languages spoken by our staff

A high concentration of permanent full time and part time employees who are supported by a casual workforce


13,311 hours of training (total investment $460,000)


Mounties Group Executive Management

Our management team prepares and guides the development of the Group’s processes and business operations and the Group’s common functions including Finance, Gaming and Marketing.

The team also devises organisation's strategy, budget, major procurements and as well as the employee relations it prides itself on.

Opportunity personified

Mounties Group prides itself on the training, experience and opportunities provided to its large workforce.

The following staff are just a few examples of how your career can progress at Mounties Group.




Jon Brown


Cianne McGuinness

Customer Service Manager- Mounties

Cianne begun her Mounties journey 18 years ago in 1998, commencing as a Gaming Attendant. It didn’t take Cianne too long before she was promoted to Gaming Team leader, then Beverage & Gaming Supervisor and now in her current role as a Customer Service Manager.

Why is Mounties Group a great employer?

Cianne believes Mounties embraces cultural diversity of both our staff and patrons. She feels Mounties is an employer who allows for the development of its staff and she has enjoyed seeing many staff progress through promotion or be cross trained into other departments.

In her own words ‘Mounties is a front runner in the industry in relation to technology and facilities and being in a management role, gives a feeling of pride and accomplishment when visiting other clubs for various meetings and courses, knowing that I am a "Mounties" team member.’

In my time at Mounties….

Cianne shares that in her time, she has seen many developments and changes throughout the club. From re-branding our name to new restaurants and total refit of our gaming and social areas of the club, let alone the new foyer areas, we are always moving forwards - there's always something happening.

Cianne highlights ‘I've met some amazing people during my time here and have been very lucky to have met some lifelong friends.

Having met these people and with our current team, coming to work, even when you know it's going to be a busy shift, is that much easier when you look at the positives of having wonderful people to work with.’

Michael Nguyen

Position: Senior Duty Manager – Mekong Mounties


How you got to where you are/Mounties Journey:


Michael commenced his career with Mekong back in 2011 when the Club was previously operated by Panthers Group. Michael began his journey as a casual Customer Service Attendant before securing permanent employment upon the amalgamation with Mounties Group in 2013.


Shortly after this time, Michael was promoted as a relief Duty Manager and soon after in 2014 he was permanently placed as full time Duty Manager. Showing consistent passion, enthusiasm and dedication Michael was promoted to his current position of Senior Duty Manager in 2015.


Why is Mounties Group a great employer:


The ongoing support and training provided by Mounties Group and the team environment. With training and support, career progression opportunities are never too far away if you have the right mind set and dedication to take on that opportunity.


The great team environment that Mounties Group provides, allows employees not only to have fun while you learn and progress, but allows you to feel that you are giving back to the community.


Most memorable moment:


My most memorable moment is the annual contribution the Mekong Club gives to the local community of Cabramatta by supporting and being involved with the Moon Festival and the Fairfield City Council TET Festival.


Each year members of staff including myself host a stall at these events where we provide beverages, food and show bags to the local community including ice coffees, Vietnamese spring rolls and Mounties kid show bags filled with goodies! It is a great event that brings our local community together and I love being a part of that.

Jon Brown

Operations Manager- Harbord Diggers

Jon Brown is one of many staff who have progressed through the ranks within Mounties Group. Working across 2 of our beautiful sites on the Northern Beaches, Jon commenced back in 2006 as a Beverage Attendant, before climbing the ladder to Supervisor, Duty Manager and into his current position as Operations Manager.

Why is Mounties Group a great employer?

Jon believes Mounties Group is a great employer, due to the many employment opportunities it provides to not just the community, but to the internal team with training and development to assist with growth and progression.

Most memorable moment?

Jon’s most memorable moment with Mounties Group has been of late, with the hard work put in for the upcoming redevelopment of Harbord Diggers.

Jon enjoys his role and his team and believes great role models are leading the way at Mounties, changing the future of the Club Industry!

Lynda Yutronic

Employment Relations Advisor

Lynda Yutronic commenced employment with Mounties in 2002 as a Beverage Attendant to earn some money whilst she was studying. It wasn’t long before Lynda was promoted to an Operations Shift Coordinator and later an Operations Supervisor across the Mounties & Mounties Bowling Club sites in 2004.

Whilst Lynda was concentrating hard on her HR related studies, she was fortunate enough to land the Roster & Assessment Coordinator role giving her great knowledge into the back of house operations of staff rostering and the Clubs Enterprise Agreement. Nearing the end of her studies, Lynda was successful in securing a permanent role in Employment Relations Department in her current role as Employment Relations Advisor.

Most memorable moment?

Lynda believes the most memorable moment for her has been in her current role, where she has had the opportunity to change the lives of many people in our local community by offering them employment opportunities with Mounties Group.

Why is Mounties Group a great employer?

Lynda expresses she feels Mounties is a great employer as she ‘believes it's often about the people you work with - that make the place you work. I work with a great bunch of people, therefore enjoy what I do!

In addition to that, Mounties offers:

Career Progression - Mounties Group has offered me several opportunities to progress in my career and has assisted me in achieving one of my goals, which was to gain a position in the HR industry.

Being recognised & rewarded!!

Mounties Group also has a great Rewards & Recognition Program and really do look after their staff. I think that's why we also have so many people stay with the business for 20, 25 and even 30 years!

Child minding facilities (for working parents)

As a working mother, it is quite convenient that we have child minding at our workplace and can therefore bring our children to work if we wish.

Learning & Development

We are proud of our culture and are committed to the continued growth of all our employees. We invest in your career, helping you develop and achieve your goals through on-the-job training, traineeships, work experience, online learning and formal accredited training.

On the job training

Mounties Group provides on the job training in all areas within the club, both front and back of house. Selected trainers are assigned to deliver on the job training to ensure consistency and standards are maintained.

Work experience

Mounties Group assists in providing staff who are completing tertiary qualifications the opportunity to undertake work experience within specialised areas such as Marketing, Human Resources and Finance.

Formal accredited training

Mounties Group also provides staff with the opportunity to complete accredited training such as Apply First Aid, Advanced Resuscitation, Responsible Service of Alcohol (RSA) and Responsible Conduct of Gambling (RCG).


From time to time, Mounties Group provides the opportunity for staff to undertake traineeships such as Cert III in Hospitality and Cert IV in Leadership and Management.

Ribbon 2

Learn Connect (e-learning)

We are committed to giving you access to flexible learning solutions that suit your needs. Learn Connect is an online learning portal that allows you to complete training away from the workplace and at your convenience.


Be Rewarded @ Work


Mounties Group encourages our people to develop and grow within the business. We understand that to recruit and retain great people we need to offer great rewards and benefits to staff. That’s why Mounties Group offers a range of benefits linked to your personal and career growth, work/life balance, health and wellbeing and more.


Mounties Group offers a range of competitive salaries and wages which are negotiated under various industrial instruments.

Performance rewards

Mounties Group recognises outstanding performance through various incentive arrangements. Our fantastic internal reward program acknowledges performance that goes above and beyond. It’s our way of saying thank you for contributing to our business. Mounties Group recognises staff that display all elements of the Service Delivery Standards, SPARK in their duties.

Service awards

Mounties Group recognises all staff that reach a milestone anniversary during their employment, in 5 year increments of 5, 10, 15, 20, 25 and 30 years of service. In acknowledgement of their service and as a token of our appreciation, each employee is awarded a gift for their dedication and commitment to Mounties Group.

Awards for Excellence

We hold an Annual Awards for Excellence event that recognises staff in that calendar year for their service, excellence and contribution to the organisation.




Salary sacrifice

Salary sacrificing is another way Mounties Group recognises and rewards your hard work. Salary sacrificing may enable you to maximise your tax effectiveness through sacrificing your salary or wage into benefits such as superannuation, life insurance and income protection.

On the spot rewards

Supervisors and Managers can issue staff with on the spot rewards to say thank you and recognise a job well done. These can be a note of thanks, movie tickets, vouchers or gift cards.

Ribbon 3

Health & Wellbeing

Mounties Group is committed to the health and wellbeing of all our employees because we understand healthier people work harder, are happier, help others more and are more efficient. Based on responses from an employee survey conducted in 2015, Mounties Group have launched their corporate wellness program LIVE WELL, WORK WELL.

Health assessment

Twice a year, employees are given the opportunity to have a free health assessment conducted by one of our resident exercise physiologists. The health assessment includes blood pressure, waist circumference, risk profile for chronic disease and functional testing. If you wish to obtain a comprehensive evaluation of your results and further exercise prescription, you may purchase this in addition at staff rates.

Wellness seminars

Mounties Group provides a range of free onsite seminars featuring different topics related to physical and emotional wellbeing to motivate you to lead a more healthy and active life.

Discounted gym membership

To help you maintain a healthy lifestyle and get in shape, Mounties Group offers discounted Ignite Health & Fitness Centre (based at Mount Pritchard) and
G-Fitness (based at Freshwater) memberships to staff.



All staff have the opportunity to receive an Influenza (Flu) vaccination at no cost. The influenza vaccine is an annual vaccination using a vaccine that is specific for a given year to protect against the Influenza virus.


Employee Assistance Program (EAP)

Our employee assistance program is a professional, confidential counselling service for employees who face personal, family or employment related concerns.

Financial advice

We understand financial health is also important for total wellbeing so we have developed an initiative ‘Beat My Home Loan’ to help reduce the stress of identifying and securing the right loan products to suit your needs. Whether you are looking to restructure or top-up your existing facility, discussing investment opportunities or simply seeking an obligation free financial health check.

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