Mounties Group Major Announcement


Mounties Group is proud to announce the biggest sponsorship and community support package known in club history. Mounties Care, Mounties’ pioneering healthcare service which launched late last year, has just signed a five-year deal as the naming rights sponsor to the CareFlight Rapid Response Helicopter.

The extensive deal helps to support CareFlight as it launches the brand new Airbus H145, part of the next generation of NSW’s Aeromedical Helicopters. The new helicopter will be one of the most advanced aeromedical helicopters in Australia and branded as the Mounties Care - CareFlight Helicopter, dedicated to saving lives in Greater Sydney, the Central Coast, and Blue Mountains.

This five-year partnership helps ensure that the services of the CareFlight Helicopter are available to our community members in need and allows CareFlight to save even more lives. This affects you, your family, your neighbours, and the wider NSW population as our members. Of course, we have enjoyed a rich eleven-year history with the CareFlight team, previously supporting them through community donations and ClubGRANTs. However, this newly announced deal is of a far greater scale than any partnership they have enjoyed before.

Mounties Group CEO, Dale Hunt, knows all too well the importance CareFlight has in the community after a CareFlight team saved his own son’s life.

“Without CareFlight my son would not be here today. I wholeheartedly believe this, and I know there are many others that share the same sentiment as I,” says Dale.

“The brand-new helicopter is like nothing you have ever seen before. It is state-of-the-art technology and whilst COVID restrictions do not allow me to go and see it in the flesh, I am incredibly proud that this is now out servicing the region and saving lives every day, as of today.” Dale concluded.

Mounties Group President, Kevin Ingram believes that it is partnerships such as this that cement the reason the Club was formed back in 1964.

“CareFlight is an Australian institution that saves people’s lives. Taking our partnership to the next level ensures the services of the CareFlight helicopter are available to community members in need. This is the next step in enhancing our ethos of “improving the lives of our members and our community” and that is something our founders, board, and members can be truly proud of.” Kevin explains. 

CareFlight CEO, Mick Frewen is thrilled with the support Mounties Group has afforded them over the past eleven years and believes the creation of Mounties Care has brought them closer together than ever before.

“The work that Dale, the board and the team are doing through Mounties Care goes far beyond the role we expect clubs to play, and yet it makes absolute sense for clubs to support their members in such a way with a heavy focus on members’ health and wellbeing” Mick explains.

“Over the years, the support that Mounties Group has provided us has been invaluable, their unwavering commitment to us has certainly allowed us to grow our services and save even more lives and for that, we are truly grateful.”

“CareFlight is reliant on support from corporates, businesses, and people in the community in ensuring CareFlight can carry out its mission to save lives, speed recovery, and serve the community. This level of support has guaranteed that this much sought-after service will continue on for years to come.” Mick concluded.

The support and belief in us from our members have made this happen and, as long as we have that support, we will continue to make things like this happen.

Mounties Group proudly supports CareFlight

Over 30 years ago a group of doctors had a shared vision: to create a better medical retrieval service in Australia.

They believed that sick and severely injured patients who needed emergency transportation, should be attended by critical care specialists who can perform 'physician only' procedures. This idea sparked a concept and in turn, CareFlight was born.

A base was established in the grounds of Westmead Hospital and a helicopter was commissioned. Initially, with only one doctor on duty each day, CareFlight flew up to four patients a month. 

Over the years the organisation has evolved and expanded. CareFlight doctors now fly from eight bases to destinations throughout Australia and beyond.

Doctors cover shifts on NSW Ambulance Service helicopters, road ambulances and fixed wing air ambulances; on the CareFlight helicopters and planes; and shifts on the CareFlight International Air Ambulance medi-jets which operate out of Sydney, Darwin, Cairns and Perth.

Mounties Group is a proud sponsor of CareFlight and with our sponsorship, the doctors, and volunteers at CareFlight, will receive additional devices and mission training to assist them in their selfless rapid response work.

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