Breakers Country Club Secures Future for Central Coast Indoor Sports Stadium

11 Jul 2023

Breakers Country Club is pleased to announce the continuation of its partnership with Central Coast Indoor Sports Stadium at Terrigal securing its future for three years. The Club has committed to significant sponsorship over the course of three years to support the development and growth of sport in the local community.


The commitment to Central Coast Basketball and Breakers Indoor Sports Stadium reflects Breakers Country Club's ongoing dedication to supporting local organisations and fostering a love for sport within the community. By investing in the development of junior players and providing essential resources, the Club operated by Mounties Group aims to create opportunities for athletes, of all ages, to thrive and reach their full potential.


"We are pleased to extend our partnership with Central Coast Basketball and the Indoor Sports Stadium as we strongly believe in the power of sports to bring people together, promote an active lifestyle, and instil valuable life skills in individuals," said John Dean, President of Mounties Group.


"This is not a new partnership, this has been a longstanding and strong relationship between Breakers and the local sports stadium for over 20 years and we are proud to continue and enhance this for the next three years, under the stewardship of Mounties Group.


“An integral part of Mounties’ history and culture is supporting sub-clubs and sporting teams which dates back to when our original club was formed in the 1960s.


“Every dollar spent in our venues contributes to our core purpose of improving the lives of our members and Breakers’ support of the sports stadium is a wonderful example of this commitment,� he added.


As part of this renewed partnership, Breakers Country Club has also provided an additional funding to the partnership specifically designated for the replacement of basketball uniforms. This funding will benefit over 3,000 junior players associated with Central Coast Basketball, ensuring that they have access to updated and high-quality uniforms for their games and competitions.


"We are extremely grateful for the generous partnership and support provided by Mounties Group’s Breakers Country Club. Their commitment to our organisation and our facility will greatly contribute to our continued growth and success to allow more locals to play sport in an all-weather venue," said Kellie Hassab, President of Central Coast Basketball.


“With this ongoing partnership, we are confident in the future viability of our programs and initiatives, allowing us to provide even greater opportunities for our players and the broader sporting community to thrive. We look forward to working closely with Mounties Group to further promote sport, nurture young talent, and create a thriving sport culture in the Central Coast region," added Matt Tredrea, General Manager of Central Coast Basketball.


The renewed partnership was celebrated at a special event on Sunday (9 July) in line with the First Nations Round of Basketball where the Central Coast Crusaders took on the Inner West Bulls. Representatives from Mounties Group, the Breakers Committee and the Central Coast Basketball held a special presentation preceding the final game.


Breakers Country Club and Central Coast Basketball will collaborate closely over the next three years to ensure the effective implementation of the partnership initiatives. Both organisations are excited about the positive outcomes and opportunities that will arise from this shared commitment to promoting sport within the Central Coast community.


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