Central Coast Mounties Group clubs pledge $74,000 in grants funding

4 Oct 2023

Mounties Group's Central Coast clubs have collectively pledged a generous sum of $74,189 to support various organisations and projects dedicated to making a positive impact on the Central Coast community.
Halekulani Bowling Club, Club Wyong and Breakers Country Club are giving back via Category One ClubGRANTS allocating funds to a range of deserving local causes that benefit youth, seniors, children, families, and other vulnerable members of the community.
Top Blokes Foundation and Narara Rural Fire Brigade are just two of these recipients that Mounties Group are excited to be collaborating with and support their health-focused projects.
Top Blokes Foundation has been granted $15,000 towards its mentoring program that aims to improve young male mental health across the Coast. The Foundation aims to deliver ten 6-month mentoring programs to support young males aged 14 to 17 who attend high schools in the Central Coast region. With qualified youth workers delivering weekly workshops, young males are supported to build a toolkit of skills in mental health and wellbeing, social connectedness and reduced anti-social behaviours.
"The Top Blokes Mentoring Program strengthens the mental health and emotional resilience of teenage boys while improving their engagement and perception within the wider community. Across six months we will host workshops to deliver social and mental health education focusing on key issues impacting the participants.
"Workshop topics include Risk Taking and Peer Pressure, Mental Health, Respectful Relationships, Online Behaviour and Consequences (cyber bullying), Alcohol and Drugs, Racism and Anger Management," explained Melissa Abu-Gazaleh from the Top Blokes Foundation.
Another project being funded is the Narara Rural Fire Brigade with its community engagement and first aid training project.
"This grant funding will greatly support our Brigade to be armed with the equipment needed to continue community engagement on fire safety across the Central Coast and ensure our volunteers are regularly refreshed on their first aid training,"explained Saxon Air from the Narara Rural Fire Brigade.
"We will be utilising the funds to purchase a speaker PA system, personalised marquee as well as CPR dummies and trainer AED to support our commitment to keeping the local community safe and informed," he added.

In total, the 2023 ClubGRANTS program will see Mounties Group allocate more than $1.16 million to support over 77 projects across Sydney and the Central Coast.
"It is important to acknowledge that without our 230,000+ members, these ClubGRANTS would not be possible. Every dollar spent with us means we can give more and more each year to our local communities," said Mounties Group President, John Dean.

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