Mounties Western Sydney clubs contribute $1 million in grants funding to Sydney Causes

4 Oct 2023

In a remarkable display of community commitment, Mounties, Mekong and Triglav have collectively pledged over $1 million in ClubGRANTS funding to support various community groups and causes across the Western Sydney region.
These Mounties Group's Western Sydney clubs are channelling their resources towards Category One grants, benefitting 52 organisations and 65 projects that cater to a diverse range of community needs including youth, seniors, children, families, and vulnerable individuals.
Mounties Group's western clubs are excited to be working with The Parks Community Network and Heartbeat of Football on two local health projects as part of this funding.
The Parks Community Network is excited to be embarking on a pilot project to support local men with taking the first step to a healthy heart thanks to a $23,000 grant. The 10,000 Healing Hearts project will see the organisation partner with the Western Sydney University School of Medicine, Australian Men's Shed Association and The Australian Men's Health Forum to encourage men to register and take the first step to take a heart check. Using a mix of new and traditional marketing methods, the project aims to encourage 10,000 men to undertake a thorough heart checkup.
"Heart disease attacks affect between 10,000 and 11,000 men each year with typically men less likely to seek medical help. This project aims to change this statistic and increase the knowledge, access and importance of regular check-ups for local men in Western Sydney," explained Matthew Dilon from The Park's Community Network.
Another project being funded under these ClubGRANTS with more than $16,000 is Heartbeat of Football, supporting heart health in the sporting industry.
"Heart of Football is about utilising the power of sport to tackle heart disease and cardiac arrest. This project supported by Mounties will promote healthy hearts in sport by conducting our unique Heart Health Awareness and Testing Days for the benefit of the community across six sporting clubs," explained Heart of Football's Andy Paschalidis.
"Cardiovascular disease is the number-one killer in Australia, yet many of its risk factors are modifiable. Together we can save lives through preventative screening and education and this grant will greatly support us in reaching more locals via our awareness and education program," he added.

In total, the 2023 ClubGRANTS program will see Mounties Group allocate more than $1.16 million to support over 77 projects across Sydney and the Central Coast.
"It is important to acknowledge that without our 230,000+ members, these ClubGRANTS would not be possible. Every dollar spent with us means we can give more and more each year to our local communities," said Mounties Group President, John Dean.

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